Curse of the Crimson Throne 4E

At the Skarwall

posted by River Arrington and Larisha Biora

Approaching the Barbican at the Skarwall, we discover that the fortress is occupied by Orcs. After 5 minutes of debate, we decide to walk down the road and approach. It turns out that the defenses of the Barbican are set up to defend from the Skarwall proper, not from the road. we split up the party for some reason, Arith, Laori and Maia heading around the back with stealth while Lachellis, Mattea and Larisha went into the brush. The Shadowcount, Asyra and and I went invisible down the road. Lachellis kicked things off by loudly announcing his presence with planting two battlestandards. He rarely does anything quietly.

The orcs indicated their pleasure at the display with a few arrows aimed in Lachellis’s direction. Orcs poured out onto the roof of the Barbican, shouting in their brutish language. An older-looking orc emerged as well, wearing a wolf’s head and carrying a glowing staff. He was accompanied by another carrying a carved large oak pole with suspicious faded brownish splotches. He proceeded to attack Lachellis and company most fiercely.

Mattea observed, “Um, we look really outnumbered.”

Asyra stepped in with her chain and took out one of the orcs on her first blow. From the far side of the structure, I heard shouts of orcs; although i do not speak their language, it sounded to my ears as if Arith, Laori and Maia may not have been quite as stealthy as they’d hoped – or else they’d come to the end of their patience and opened up an offensive of their own.

The battle before us raged on, the old orc with the glowing staff opened up with a blast of divine fire that hit many of us. The Shadowcount looked indignant that his clothing was singed. At least, that’s what I saw through the haze of “Ow! Shit!” clouding my vision.

I learned later that Maya found an opportunity to climb over the wall, after those three had dispatched an (according to them) inordinate number of orcs who struck hard as they died. The others followed suit.

This may have seemed like an intelligent move, up until the mob who had been attacking us decided to go after them instead. Later reports were that our team had a rough time of it, but the biggest threats ran away the end of the fight.

we set up fort in the Barbican and prepare to rest through the evening in it’s relative saftey. The night progresses with some problems. Maia, Lachellis, and Arith are all affected in their turns by the enemy messing with their emotions. The dead target them each and work with their pasts.

Crossing the bridge to the castle proper in the morning, brings us in between the two gargoyles. We can see the body of a dead orc on the far end of the bridge. The day looks to be exciting.


Lafcadio succubinki

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