Curse of the Crimson Throne 4E

Entering the Skarwall

posted by River Arrington and Larisha Biora

Approaching the bridge, we find the way blocked by undead. River, Mattea, and Larisha all stopped short to take in the sheer impact of the Skarwall. We knew that it would be full of undead – both fascinating and horrible – but the overwhelming necromantic aura that steeps this castle is terrible.

The undead are chained here – there are four chains and an anchor keeping the spirits trapped. Even those who are dispatched by intruders will return after a time as incorporeal spirits. Worse, any living being that stays in the castle for a week will be unable to leave, guaranteeing that the soul storm has fodder – what do they care for the time it takes to win by attrition? When the poor creature dies, he will join them and stay to defend the castle shoulder-to-figurative-shoulder with those he came to defeat and free from this horror.

In a hard-fought battle, we took the bridge into the castle. The spirits joined the spirit storm, to later reenter terrible servitude to the castle.


Lafcadio succubinki

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