Curse of the Crimson Throne 4E

Fellow Travellers

posted by River Arrington

Having defeated all but a single Bodak in the cavern complex we found, we set a guard rotation and rested the evening. The fight took alot out of us and few were in any real shape to move on. The evenings rest went well, and accomplished all of our goal when we walked into this hole in the ground – a place to sleep. Being what and who we are though, we couldn’t help but press forward. We don’t even know the word retreat.

The place ended a short distance away in a small room. The old god whose temple it was still had some defenders around and we managed to dispatch them with some difficulty. I was regretting that Lachellis was in rearguard against the return of that Bodak.

On leaving the complex, we stumbled upon a pair of demonic/devilish lackies summoned up by the Dean of the Academy back in Korvosa. Apparently it’s dawned on them that we are affecting things, and now events are getting worse. I’m surprised the Academy masters are concerned, or that they they believe we might have a hope of success – but there ya go. I got us away from that duo as quick as possible in an effort to stave off any fight between us. That didn’t seem like a solid way to end our encounter.

From there, it was across the plains to the Flood Road and then north to the Scarwall. The plains were notable only for the finding of the Necromantic Plains we had to pass. Thousands of dead Shoanti watching us ride across the path was a bit freaky. Thankfully, we didn’t encounter any orcs though.

With Maia’s help applying my theoretical knowledge of the area to the actual geography, we passed safely to the Scarwall and found the crater it sits in. Oddly, we were greeted by some old acquaintances – Laori Vauss, Shadowcount Sial, and the Shadowcount’s hireling. They were bickering at the entrance, all apparently headed to the same place we are. What luck. Arith set down the basics of how we were expecting to proceed, but we offered no other objections to them coming along. I’ve a feeling that things will go swimmingly until we find the Sword, and then all hell will break loose.


Lafcadio succubinki

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