Curse of the Crimson Throne 4E

Into the Labyrinth Pt III

There we were: Pulling a Cat out of the Bag

So there we were: we’d just barely managed to scrape enough rest together to get Harrows Justice back to a semblance of working order after that hell-spawn demon lady. But we were stuck on the wrong side of the spike trap room – River used some of his woojoo to open a door on the far side and Arith disabled the trap for a short time again.

On the other side of a door was a bag, when Maia threatened to shoot it the damn thing hopped to a wall – so I guessed something living and smart was in there. Well, not smart enough to avoid getting put in a bag in the middle of a trapped dungeon but smart enough to know that Maia’s aim is pretty damn good. Because our time is short to cross the room we all run across and file into a thin tunnel with iron maidens set in alcoves on either side. I bring up the rear. Well – as if we couldn’t see that coming, that tunnel is trapped to all fuck and gone. I mean damn. They pulled out the stops on this one. The floors tilt back and forth like a pivot trying to dump people in front of the iron maidens – and those iron maidens let out deafening shrieks from one side while spears lanced out from the others. Of course half of our group ended up deaf or skewered, or both. I managed to keep my feet and not fall into the line of fire. I opened up the bag and was surprised to find Thrice, bound up like a holiday turkey with a gag in his mouth.

Talk about luck! No one knows traps better than Thrice – and before you can say “How do we know you’re not a demon-whore-spawn sent to kill us and just illusioned to look like Thrice” I had his hands and feet untied. He stepped right up and right into it, I like his style. Very professional. He was elbows and knees moving up and down that tunnel disarming the traps. It was literally pulling the cat out of the bag – I couldn’t think of a better ally to have in a place like this. If I was the third tit on the donkey – he was the whole fucking stallion when it came to making short work of traps and puzzles.

While Thrice was just finishing up the last trap the dungeon did another one of those tunnel shifting things, fortunately we were all bunched up in this tunnel so none of us got left behind. But the way we had come in and changed – and out of this new room came hell-spawn-whore’s bigger, badder, and madder sister – a demon named Sivit. Body of a centaur, top of a lion, female – I think – but wielding two nasty assed kukris and all draped in chains. This was the demon that had captured Thrice – so we all knew we had a fight on our hands and got our game face on.

to be continued


Lafcadio Tim_Clancy

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