Curse of the Crimson Throne 4E

Musings of a Holy Warrior, Part II

It seems all things remain in constant flux no matter how hard we try to keep things from changing. Just when I believed I had the ritual all figured out, my mind began to reveal more vivid memories, further answers to my families’ dark past—and pass that knowledge to me. It has begun to get harder and harder to remain focused and true to my vows as a paladin, but I still persevere. My dreams have recently taken on a dark malevolence of their own. It has been quite a revelation to me in discovering some of the dastardly secrets my extended families have harbored. Some of my ancestors are akin to the very villains I strive to vanquish today. Unfortunately, they are now a part of who I am, the remnants of my long dead ancestors, both human and elven. The skills that I have found myself drawing on are those of cutpurses, burglars and assassins. In many ways, it just feels wrong to even possess knowledge of such notorious skills, but upon further contemplation and understanding, I simply cannot deny their sheer effectiveness for helping our small band succeed in the daunting tasks laid before us. There does exist an exhilaration in being able to move and stalk like the noble hunting cats. In those instances, I can literally feel the blood of my elven ancestors flowing through my veins, experiencing what they felt when they would scout their woodland surroundings for signs of enemies. On my human side, both the manipulation of tumblers without keys and the meticulous examination of trapped mechanisms present a sense of challenge, akin to solving some great puzzle.

Should I feel guilty for possessing the skills of a trained assassin since everything I strive for fights against such a person? Is knowledge of evil, evil itself? Can I continue to adhere to my vows as a paladin in spite of my methods? Such questions may never be answered, but I am confident they will be in time. I must be resolute and seek guidance from The Inheritor on such matters, keeping up my daily prayers and supplication. For the moment, I will draw on those memories of cutpurses, burglars and assassins to help Harrow’s Justice succeed and stay alive. Perhaps in utilization of such memories, I will gain more understanding as to what it is I have become…


Lafcadio Ebonith

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