Curse of the Crimson Throne 4E

Nearing the End

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than a year since we joined together as a band to seek our vengeance on Gaidran Lam. More than a year since Korvosa was our true home and not some burning shell of its former self. The city I used to run through the streets of with my brother and where I lost him. The pain is still there, but dulled. All of our adventures have been practically suicidal (well, for maybe River and Larisha), the thought of the future wasn’t really something I considered, until someone in our band, Larisha more than likely, asked what we would do when it was all over. What would we do when the queen or whatever is possessing her, has been defeated and we go back to our regular lives. Whatever regular might be.

I joked about how much coin I’d get with all the fame that has been attached to Harrow’s Justice. Maybe I could go into private security for royalty or the nobility, but know that deep inside that’s an old path that is no longer attractive. The crew doesn’t need to know that, let them go on thinking all I care about is money, it’s more than likely we’ll lose more than a couple in this last fight. Truthfully, another reason I’d not voice my true feelings is that I’m not sure how much of my new sentiment is actually me, or this deity living inside me who seeks to become relevant and worshiped in a modern world. I do know that I now have an unusual thirst for knowledge and the desire to help others from the Gaidran Lam’s of the world who would rip them from their families, abuse them and ultimately destroy them.

So we head to another Thassalonian ruin, to confront her, or it, whatever ‘it’ may be, waiting for us just inside. I’m not one of magic, just fast and deadly with a bow, which seems rather useless when confronted by such dark forces. If I survive, I will have to think about the future, which is somewhat daunting. I won’t be the same person that walked into that crumbling house so many months ago, and that might be a good thing.


Lafcadio clndestyn

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