Curse of the Crimson Throne 4E

The First Tether Snaps

In which we kill a party member, but only for the first time....

posted by River Arrington and Larisha Biora

Finding an early courtyard we of course provoke everything in sight to attack us. Fine plan except for the huge Umbral Dragon that was doing fine before we came in. After a drawn out fight, we dropped the creature and watched in fascination as the first Tether for the central Chain Spirit snapped free. I determined quickly that we had roughly 24 hours to destroy the Chain Spirit before it could re-establish it’s tether on another creature.

The time is now growing rather short.

we start to explore the castle with a new urgency, attempting to find the other three tethers within our new day long time limit.

We try to stick to the first level of the castle for now, finishing out those rooms before we move to the second floor. We strive for methodical, but frequently only hit haphazard. We enter into what is apparently the “Guest Quarters” which are all apparently capable of getting locked up from the outside. We garantee that we can get out and then move forward, attempting to clear the area in our search for the other 3 tethers.

Found Items 5 Art Objects each worth 2500 (taken) 1 level 18 magic Item (taken by River) large chest of gold/plat off the center courtyard (left there due to weight)

Searching, we find a lot of meaningless rooms and then, interestingly, a statue with a bag over his head. We knew that something must be wrong with the statue, but Lachellis could not be satisfied until he tried to find out the what and why. Therefore, we allowed him to check it out. With a little assistance, we found that there was no fireballs – but something did happen to Lachellis, the only one of us who stared at the statue while it was uncovered. We saw immediately that something was wrong with Lachellis, but none of us identified the issue until he led us to a tower – and refused to leave. His refusal, so out of character for our full-speed-ahead warrior, gave context to the presence of a dwarf who died for no apparent reason…. Larisha performed a ritual that removed this affliction, in the process knocking Lachellis dead.

Lachellis was saved from the spirit storm only because we had been graced by Shaunti magic to grant some protection from the death magic in this place. While this revival was terribly fortunate, we have to be aware now that our stoutest melee fighter is bereft of this gift.

Having recovered from the trap, we keep going until we find ourselves in a floral themed ballroom, which Maia manages to activate. We find that the room is filled spectral dancers and a single creature – the Dance Macabre.

Both Lachellis and Maia join the Danse immediately. River landed the first hit with a blast of radiant light that obviously disconcerted the creature. Larisha desperately attempted to turn the creature and the crowd of ghostly dancers around it. Her efforts finally pay off, pushing the creature and its minions against the wall. Matea followed with an effective rebuke of the Danse Macabre, but we all succumb to the impact of its will, or to the massive necromantic damage that it inflicts.

And on it goes… with the creature dominating most of us in turns.

Eventually we triumphed against the horrible undead, but the triumph was accompanied by some consternation as we realized that we must use Gentle Repose in order to keep him down for more than an hour. We did so, but this cost us another precious hour. We fear we need to sleep – which could be an unavoidable use of our precious time here in this pressure cooker of the Scarwall.

It is 1PM at the end of the encounter in the ballroom. Time flies, no matter whether you’re having fun or not.


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