Curse of the Crimson Throne 4E

We've dealt with worse...right?

posted by Maiadra “Maia”

Every time we go into a major challenge or battle, I think it’s the worst we’ve ever dealt with. We triumph and live to fight another day. We get close, but still haven’t lost anyone yet. This Skarwall is a whole other can of worms…and undead worms at that.

After we took the front battlements from the orcs, I volunteered for first watch. I went up to the roof to get a better view of our surroundings and definitely got weirded out by what looked like a serpent of some kind just below the surface of the river surrounding the fortress. Would come head to head with that little beast the next day when we battled with the undead to cross the bridge into what seems to be a nexus of the undead. The magic types like Larisha and River were muttering about chains and trapped souls and some other mumbo jumbo. Not like I have any super magic powers that might trigger some craziness in what looks to be just a jumbo-sized haunted house with yet another sword we need to save the day.

Why can’t it be a special magic arrow? Always the sword. Everyone knows melee fighting is overrated. And damn the gods (current and defunct) if I don’t get dominated in almost every fight to shoot my own party! Talk about getting old, I even got this stupid fairy head piece to thwart such attacks, but it doesn’t seem to matter. I used to think it was funny when I was forced to shoot River, but now I’m more about shooting the bad guys and less about wasting my time. Besides, makes me look weak-minded every time it happens and I’m anything but weak, no matter what body part it is.

So into the dark fortress we go. Wish someone would teach me how to teleport, that seems to be a pretty useful trick in a fight.


LOL, awesome. :)

We've dealt with worse...right?
Lafcadio succubinki

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