An angry angry man


_Sing, O Cayden Cailean, the anger of Lachellis, son of the Guard, that brought countless ills upon his friends and foes. Falsely accused of murder, law’s ears deaf to whispered words of a slain witness that would set him free._

_Boy raised to the barracks, now a man, now a soldier, now a warrior cast out with neither band nor war to call home._

_Pledged to justice by justice betrayed, bearer of a shamed name and now his name vows only to glory._

_Yesterdays oaths to the crown till crown’s back turned, todays promises made to his steel and wrath alone. Many a brave soul did his anger send hurrying down to hell, and many a foe did it yield a prey to dogs and vultures._

Lachellis is somewhat of a neighborhood celebrity/villian in the poorer parts of Old Town Korvosa. He was the golden boy of the guard growing up – best youth with a blade, fastest runner at the races, most sought after at the dances. But as he grew older he couldn’t control his anger and rages sometimes got the better of him – brawling and fighting with any and all.

Few paused to doubt him capable when he was accused of murder, even though some claim an eyewitness who would clear his name was killed before trial so the true perpetrators could remain free. Unable to convict, but unable to acquit, the trial cast a pall of shame over Lachellis and he was kicked out of the barracks and forever barred from the guard. So few were his friends by this point that only a young Paladin [[Arith Orphyria]], not even of the Guard stood in Lachellis’s corner. For this the Paladin earned Lachellis’s undying loyalty.

Over the last few years Lachellis has made the Old Town his home where he receives very mixed reviews by those who know him or have crossed his path. To some – a bully of sour disposition who uses his strength and weapons training to intimidate those who disagree with him. To others a warrior who will always take on a fight and never back down, especially in the cause of the weak being oppressed by the strong. Regardless of the outcome of the trial these days it is Lachellis who is often suspected for any unresolved murders of criminals or known thugs.

Lachellis’s family is unknown – he claims his father is the God of Brawling & Drink Cayden Cailean and his mother the Korvosa Guard; and that he’s never seen his father and never wants to see his mother again. Since he usually says this with a laugh or a sneer, few believe that Lachellis actually believes these things himself.

The song above is a local ditty, usually passed amongst the beggars, panhandlers, serving wenches, barkeeps and other lower class riffraff who have both benefitted from Lachellis’s deeds, and suffered when his temperament turns.

Lachellis on the Other Members of Harrow’s Justice:

River Arrington Good kid. Has more potential than I think he realizes, just needs to stop feeling sorry for himself and get out there and crack some skulls. I knew adventuring would be better for him than sticking his nose in all those books, and other substances. Still he’s getting a little too good with the magic mojo – talking to dead critters, scares the piss out of me.

Larisha Biora She’s like the younger sister I never wanted. Still – I gotta look out for her or someone’s going to shag her the wrong way and her heart will be broken for life. She’s got courage, I’ll give her that, few enough do – but she’ll stand her ground if she thinks she’s right (which isn’t often the case). And her healings pulled my ass out of the fire more times than I can count. A little preachy, but hey what priestess isn’t. Religious whackos always trying to tell everyone else how to live.

Arith Porphyria Yeah I know Arith – you got a problem with him you got a problem with me! Hell you even dream of having a problem with him you better wake up apologizing or I will punch you in the mouth. Shame about his wife though, this cities fucked up, can’t trust anyone but your friends. But when I was down and out at the trial he stood in my corner, and that means a lot to me. He says the word – I’ll walk into fire. But then again, he doesn’t say many words – just stands there looking all shiny and pretty with hair flowing shit. The girls eat that shit up.

Maiadra “Maia” The brother I always wanted a boon companion to boot. Maia is one of the few I know who can keep up, or even outlast me, in the fighting, drinking, brawling and gambling. She’s crazy-bad ass with that bow of hers and has a good head for numbers. I let her manage the coin side and I never go short so what can I say. I think behind the glint of gold she cares for the city – when it comes time to burn it all down, I’m pretty sure she’ll be there holding a torch – as long as I don’t try to stop her from looting the ashes!


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