Maiadra "Maia"

Maia is a elven ranger who is deadly with a bow and has a reputation for being an excellent scout and striker ....if the price is right.


The Past

Maiadra, was born of a relatively large elven family. She has two older brothers and her father is a Ranger and guard at the Korvosa Embassy.

Her father, not knowing what to do a female child, put her into training with her brother Menasas, who was a year older, under the supervision of their older brother Aeyna.

She and Menasas were closer than any two siblings could be and when he turned 10, Menasas was dared by Aeyna and his friends to spend the night in the haunted house on the edge of the city. It was something Aeyna did with his human friends in an attempt to fit in. Being one of only a couple of elf families in the city – fitting in was very important to all of us.

Maiadra wanted to go with him, but he told her it was something he had to do alone. She wouldn’t cry, show her softness, which would embarrass Menasas in front of the humans. So using her slight tracking skills, she followed him at a distance, making sure to stay quiet and out of sight. She watched him enter the house, but not before taking one last look around at the dark streets surrounding it. She saw the bravery in his eyes, his determination, but a hint of fear as well. She would have given anything to be there with him. She crept back home and gave a swift prayer to Desna, who ruled the stars that dotted the night’s sky.

She awoke early and stole away from their house and made her way to the haunted dwelling, which didn’t look half as scary in the light of day. She walked the perimeter, as a good ranger would and peered inside one of the dingy windows. She saw the blue pallet that Menasas had made for himself, but no sign of her brother. She listened for footsteps, any movement, peered through other windows for better angles, and could see no one. She looked around to see if anyone was watching and stole inside the house. Her footsteps were light and swift, she made her way to the main room. As she spied from the window, his pallet was there, along with a book and a flashlight. He would have never left them there. She looked at the dust around the bed and saw footprints, large – like a man’s and feral – like a dog. There was signs of a struggle and the path led her to the backdoor, which hung slightly ajar. There was blood on the door and her heart lept in her chest.

She followed the footprints through the overgrown backyard and noticed an opening in the fence in the very back. In the dirt, somewhat obscured by the weeds was her brother’s talisman. He would have never parted with it willingly – but she knew it was his way of leaving a trail.

Unfortunately the trail ended abruptly at the street. No dirt to leave prints in, and no sign of which direction he might have gone. She ran all the way home and told her father and Aenya. She had never seen her father so enraged and Aenya was filled with shame and remorse. The search went on for weeks, then months, a large reward was offered by her father which produced some clues here and there, but nothing that led to the possible captor. Less tangible were the whispers on the wind that this wasn’t the first time a child had gone missing in that dark part of town. Then after a year the trail grew cold and no new information surfaced.


Maiadra, or Maia as her non-elf friends refer to her, is a full-fledged ranger who helps scout and fight for adventure groups in Korvosa. She used all the money she earns and connections she makes to hunt down leads on what became of her lost brother. Over the years she focused on her training, knowing she would be the one to find him someday. She alone would be able to save him, whether it would take force or magic, she would find him. When it’s quiet, she rubs the talisman that now hangs around her neck and thinks about him.

After joining with an adventure group self-dubbed Harrow’s Justice, Maia finally was able to confront Gadrian Lamm, the man who enslaved her brother and with her new found compatriots, exacted the ultimate justice from that piece of filth. Killing Lamm was the end of her life-long quest, as he jeered at her that her brother had been dead for some time. She knew it to be true.

Now, she’s muddling through her feelings of loss and with nothing left to care for, she just wants to make other filth like Lamm pay for their misdeeds. Now that she no longer needs the money to track clues to her brother’s fate, she pockets whatever loot she can to buy better weapons and better armor to kill more wrong-doers.

Her band thinks she’s cold and heartless, all about the money, but really it’s just a way to keep her from thinking about how she didn’t get to him in time. Didn’t save him.

Harrow’s Justice

Larisha Biora

She could do without the useless prattle of the healer Larisha, but damn that girl has saved her hide more than a time or two. Sure she’s squishy and talks way too much, but she can pour on the power when it’s a dire situation. Did I mention she talks constantly? Makes me want to cut off my ears.

River Arrington

River, boo hoo, little rich boy who decided to run with a bad crowd from the other side of the tracks. Cashed in a trust fun for drugs and likes to cross the line when it comes to good and evil. Still, when he’s on, he can pull out some pretty sick magicks.


Lachellis is the classic example of what you see, is what you get. Man, I’ve had to pull his ass out of the gutter more times that I can count on 5 sets of hands, but he’s loyal to a fault and runs right into the fight. Can’t work being sneaky or strategic for crap, but man does he hit hard. I’d have him at my back any day.

Arith Porphyria

Arith is a pretty boy, all full of honor and nobility, but after kissing that dead woman, he’s definitely not the pillar of goodness he was before. Definitely took a turn, I’d say for the better. I trust him more with a streak of the dark in him than when he would get us potentially get us killed over being the ‘good guy’ and doing ‘what’s right’. Knows it’s important to see everything and like Lachellis, isn’t afraid to go head-first into a fight. Pretty impressive, for a noble.

Mattea of the Harfik Clan

The fan girl dwarf, what the hell is her name? Oh yeah, Mattea. Wow. Don’t get me started. Haven’t really seen much out of this one and hope her wide eyes mooning over how awesome we are doesn’t get us killed. Kinda like being a pseudo-celebrity, since I can get more for the stuff I pawn. Shopkeeper now promotes the items as stuff from Harrow’s Justice, so the increased coin comes in handy.

Maiadra "Maia"

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