Mattea of the Harfik Clan

Female Dwarf Invoker from the Mindspin Mountains


Mattea (Ma-Tey-ah) Harfik was born to dwarven merchant parents from the Mindspin Mountains. They lived in Crystalrock where her parents forged weapons. Once a month, they would travel to Korvosa to sell their wares in the Gold Market.

Mattea didn’t prove to be very apt at forging weapons, but her parents did notice her scholarly skills and uncanny ability to read ancient books and tomes. They decided Mattea would make a great Cleric of Torag, the god of her people.

When visiting Korvosa, they would leave Mattea at the Temple of Torag where she could study to be a Cleric.

Once she became older, they would leave her in the city at the temple to keep an eye on the family shop while they were back in Crystalrock. Teenage Mattea found the lessons of Torag rather boring, so started sneaking out of the temple and visiting other temples to see what knowledge they had to offer.

Mattea discovered that her adept reading skills allowed her to translate many of the archaic tomes from the other temples.

One day, she was helping her parents in their shop when a band of cutthroats came in wanting to buy some weapons. Mattea recognized some of them as men working for the Crimelord, Gaedren Lamm.

Mattea’s parents refused to sell to them and they left threatening that her parents would be sorry. Gaedren did not like to be “disrespected.”

Two nights later, Mattea was engrossed in the teachings of a local scholar and got back to her parents’ shop later than usual. When she arrived, she found her parents’ slain bodies and the City Guard investigating the murder. They told Mattea that her parents had been robbed and killed.

Mattea told them about Gaedren’s men and that it must have been Gaedren who did this, but they patted her on the head and told her that it could have been any number of local ruffians and that they would investigate the murders and find who did it.

She tried to convince them, but they brushed her off.

So, Mattea ran to the Temples that she had been visiting and asked them for help. No one would help her. Even the Priest of Torag told her to let the City Guard find the murderers and put them to justice. She should just stay at the Temple and pray that Torag would protect and guide them in their search.

In the end, there was but one priest who offered aid – the Priest of Iomedae. He told her that idleness would not honor the memory of her parents and that she must join the crusade against injustice. He began her training that day – teaching her how to invoke the power of Iomedae and bend it to her will.

While Mattea lived and learned at the Temple of Iomedae, one of her favorite places to hang out in was the kitchen. It was warm and inviting and she enjoyed sitting and listening to the stories told by the kitchen staff. Mattea loves a good story and they had some really good ones to tell. Some of her favorites were about an Iomedae Paladin and his motley band of crusaders. She remembers hearing how they had taken out Gaedren Lamm and she was both elated and disappointed, because she was not able to be there.

After a time, the Priest of Iomedae told her that she was ready to become a Cleric of Iomedae, if that was her interest. But why just limit herself to one power? She knew that those other powers existed. She felt it when she visited the other Temples. So those other Priests wouldn’t help her…who cares…she didn’t need their help.

And that’s when the Priest told her of another path she could take…that of the Invoker.

And with his help, she completed her training as a “mighty” Invoker…better than any ol’ Cleric… (her words…)

Mattea of the Harfik Clan

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