River Arrington

A Chelexian noble, scorned by his family



River was born in the Chelish capital of Egorian to a minor noble house in the year 4690. The Arrington family has been tied to the churches of Cheliax for decades, with it’s children serving as primarily priests or as armsmen for the Church of Aroden. The family traces it’s history back to the Even-Tounged Conquest, and it’s elevation to Minor House back to the time of Heliad I. The Arrington family helped in the conquest of the Arch of Aroden in 4137, and gained a grant of land and title through that action.

The Arrington family becomes a notable patron to the church of Aroden, founding a cathedral in Corentym (Arch of Aroden region). Over the years, they hold onto minor status through various setbacks and advances. All was progressing rather well until the Death of Aroden throws this steadfastly faithful family into complete disarray. River’s great grandfather, Goss, was rocked to the foundation by the death of Aroden, and lived out his days afterwards as a gibbering idiot, drooling and cared for only by the kindness of his family – a kindness soon in short supply. Luckily, Goss failed to comprehend what his children did to the family.

Elsabeth Arrington, Goss’s eldest grandchild, becomes completely dissillusioned with prophecy and hope, and disgusted with her grandfather’s inability to cope with change. She actively works to convert to the worship of Asmodeus, as the Devil’s faith begins to supplant the tradional faiths of Cheliax. She turns this household of pious people to a new church and expels all who fail to see her wisdom in this. After a few years, she has managed to turn everything around and keep the family from being cast out of Egorian. Elsabeth held the family togther rather well through the next several years, until her death in 4672. Her youngest son, Micael, took over the house upon her death and rules it still, though not as ruthlessly as his mother did. Micael is River’s father, though the two are seperated by more than just the long years of a new child in the twilight of a man’s life.

River accepted, as a child, the notion that the family owed it’s life and prosperity to the whims of Asmodeus. It was his patronage which kept them afloat. Always bright, River, turned his attention to the history of his family, and was somewhat dismayed to discover that they weren’t always loyal to Asmodeus – that they had been large supporters of Aroden. He began to see the later generations of his family as opportunists with a malicious streak that lent itself to the following of Asmodeus. He began a bit of childhood rebellion early, failing out of all of Egorian’s best institutions as his only way of striking out at the family he now loathed.

Eventually, he was enough of an embarassment that River was sent away to the Varisian wilds as a way of simply getting him out of the public eye. He was given a pension which covered his essentials and tuition at the Acadamae but little else, and was sent off on a ship to Korvosa. Stopping in Corentym allowed him the time to visit the ruins of a chapel to Aroden while there. Quite by chance, it was the same chapel his family had founded some 600 years previous. The realization of just how far the Arrington’s had fallen struck him to his core and River withdrew completely.

Upon arrival in Korvosa, he failed miserably at the entrance exam for the Acadamae and was tossed into the street as an Empty. He found his way to the Shingles, and quickly lost himself in the drug world of Eel’s End and the underworld of Korvosa. It is during this time that River came into contact with a dealer named Gaedren Lamm. Lamm was always quick to supply a steady stream of Shiver for as long as the money kept coming. Over the course of the next 3 years, River pisses away most of the money that he came with, and nearly overdoses on Shiver at least twice. The second time he overdosed, he was found, twitching in a back alley outside the Theumanexus college by one of the kitchen staff there. This Varisian pureblood woman, Chevali, nursed him back to health and helped provide the incentive to turn himself around.

Bolstered by Chevali’s good will and aid, he dedicated himself to learning again, and began applying the natural intellect he’d been gifted with at the Theumanexus college. There, he studied not only magic, but culture and language. He had remembered what he learned of the Arrington family in Egorian, and decided to try and understand what had happened to his families traditional patron – Aroden. As such, River dedicated himself to the revival of Aroden, but he remains observant of the rites of several Gods, understanding that each has a place in his life. He reveres Sarenrae for her help in his revitalization, Pharasma for what he hopes will be the clues to Aroden’s death and hopeful return, and Desna for giving him the vision he feels he recieved in his last Shiver induced coma – that of Aroden walking Golarion again.

Views on the rest of the Party

Lachellis – Let me just say, things are better now. Lachellis isn’t the same guy he was back then. Though.. there’s still some of that. When I first met him, we were out drunk and gone on whatever drugs I could find. I’m pretty sure he was drawn to hang out cause back then I just attracted trouble, and he was looking to fight. I learned early, he wasn’t there to protect me. He was there to revel in my misfortune. It wasn’t personal, I just had the misery that tweaked his addiction to violence. But I know better than most – once a junkie, always a junkie. One of these days, push will come to shove and Lachellis will not offer a hand in help. He’ll just step over my corpse to get to the next. That’s what the junkie does.

Arith Porphyria – The Hero. bleah. He’s had his share of horrors, no doubt on that count, but he doesn’t exactly wear it on his sleeve. That stoicism comes off as the coldly heroic that makes Larisha swoon like an idiot. Arith is, in some ways, the image of how I could have been – if my family had taken more sensible approaches. If they’d gone to Iomedea’s side instead of to Asmodeus. I wish him the best, even if I don’t exactly trust him. He’s sorta blinded by his own “rightness” I think. Lately, that might not be so true, but he’s the still the man who let me walk out of Eel’s End with a fistfull of shiver.

Larisha Biora – Larisha is sorta akin to what I’d imagine it’s like having a real little sister. In a loving family. She’s always in my business. She’s always meddling and judging. She means well, but gods be damned, why can’t she understand that sometimes she really just doesn’t get it?! It doesn’t help that she’s so naive. She really needs to fall in love and have her heart broken horribly as she discovers the guy is really a cad. maybe that would make her check her delusions a bit more dilligently.

Maiadra “Maia” – Sometimes it’s good to not have the full story. I don’t really know all of Maia’s deal, except that her Brother got screwed somewhere by Lamm. Either way, in some ways, she’s the most real and trustworthy of the group. I can always count on Maia to do exactly that action which will line her pockets most efficiently. She’s in it for herself and her wealth. I can respect that, and her purity of purpose is refreshing amidst the rest of us. Besides, I enjoy the occaisional drink with her.

Mattea of the Harfik Clan – Still too new to have figured her out much. The shower of fan praise she ushered forth that first night was a bit alarming, but reality is starting to hit her square between the eyes. There’s something about the manner of magics though.. I need to watch her.


4090 – Arrington name first found in the roll of Knights in service to King Aspex the Even-Tounged

4137 – Arrington’s granted land and title through action at the Arch of Aroden and foundation of a chapel to Aroden.

4606 – Aroden dies, Goss Arrington goes insane. The house begins to crumble.

4612 – Elsabeth Arrington born

4630 – Goss Arrington dies, leaving his son, Valeic, to run the affairs of the house.

4640 – Valeic dies unexpectedly, leaving Elsabeth Arrington to take over as Matriarch of the house

4641 – Elsabeth Arrington halts the disastrous slide of the Arrington fortune by converting to Asmodeus and throwing in with House of Thrune.

4650 – Micael born

4672 – Elsabeth dies. Micael Arrington assumes control of the family.

4690 – River Mulciber Arrington born to Micael Arrington and his 3rd wife, Ellis.

4699 – River fails out of the most prestigious Preparatory school in Egorian

4700 – River fails out of Hellsmouth School of Arms, having proven himself utterly inept at the skills of an armsman

4702 – River fails out of the Egorian School – a prestigious school of devilbinding. River seems unwilling to apply the Devils lessons to life.

4702 – Now an embarrasment to his Family, River is sent away to Korvosa, ostensibly to train in the arts of Binding at the Academae. upon arrival in korvosa, River attempts to enter the Academae and fails the entrance exam completely. He henceforth enrolls at Theumanexus College, using what little funds his family provided to disappear into school, and then, into Shiver.

River Arrington

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