Curse of the Crimson Throne 4E

Into the Labyrinth Pt III
There we were: Pulling a Cat out of the Bag

So there we were: we’d just barely managed to scrape enough rest together to get Harrows Justice back to a semblance of working order after that hell-spawn demon lady. But we were stuck on the wrong side of the spike trap room – River used some of his woojoo to open a door on the far side and Arith disabled the trap for a short time again.

On the other side of a door was a bag, when Maia threatened to shoot it the damn thing hopped to a wall – so I guessed something living and smart was in there. Well, not smart enough to avoid getting put in a bag in the middle of a trapped dungeon but smart enough to know that Maia’s aim is pretty damn good. Because our time is short to cross the room we all run across and file into a thin tunnel with iron maidens set in alcoves on either side. I bring up the rear. Well – as if we couldn’t see that coming, that tunnel is trapped to all fuck and gone. I mean damn. They pulled out the stops on this one. The floors tilt back and forth like a pivot trying to dump people in front of the iron maidens – and those iron maidens let out deafening shrieks from one side while spears lanced out from the others. Of course half of our group ended up deaf or skewered, or both. I managed to keep my feet and not fall into the line of fire. I opened up the bag and was surprised to find Thrice, bound up like a holiday turkey with a gag in his mouth.

Talk about luck! No one knows traps better than Thrice – and before you can say “How do we know you’re not a demon-whore-spawn sent to kill us and just illusioned to look like Thrice” I had his hands and feet untied. He stepped right up and right into it, I like his style. Very professional. He was elbows and knees moving up and down that tunnel disarming the traps. It was literally pulling the cat out of the bag – I couldn’t think of a better ally to have in a place like this. If I was the third tit on the donkey – he was the whole fucking stallion when it came to making short work of traps and puzzles.

While Thrice was just finishing up the last trap the dungeon did another one of those tunnel shifting things, fortunately we were all bunched up in this tunnel so none of us got left behind. But the way we had come in and changed – and out of this new room came hell-spawn-whore’s bigger, badder, and madder sister – a demon named Sivit. Body of a centaur, top of a lion, female – I think – but wielding two nasty assed kukris and all draped in chains. This was the demon that had captured Thrice – so we all knew we had a fight on our hands and got our game face on.

to be continued

Into the Labyrinth Part II
Blind, Bound and Bitten by Maia

After the nasty encounter with the algea/fungus creatures, we followed Bahor Arkony’s direction and take the rope bridge to the right. Luckily Arith Porphyria and I were able to find the entrance to the Labyrinth using the directions and also our perception abilities. The door was well concealed, we would have never found it on our own, but then we have the feeling that Bahor Arkony could care less if we live or die. But we need to find Orsini and perhaps even the Seneschal in this endless maze.

We traverse through many rooms, Arith Porphyria and I take note of grooves in the halls, which indicate where a new wall might emerge at any time. We take care not to be separated when the floors shift and do what we can to maintain our balance.

We manage to set off several arcane symbol traps, the first set off a massive fireburst, doing plenty of damage to Arith Porphyria and Larisha Biora, but Lachellis managed to side-step the blast and I was lucky enough to be out of range. And then another room, another blast. It was getting pretty dicey and we were weary of all the tricks and traps. We discovered a room with 3 chests, each one had writing. On one wall facing the chests is a jewel carved to look like a tiger’s face and Larisha Biora confirmed it had some kind of magic. First chest said something about a caress and the future, I ran my hands over the face – nothing happened. I opened the middle chest that said ‘Life within, Death without’ and a gods-damned cobra jumps out and attacks me. Didn’t see any airholes, how long could it have been in there? I take the hit (first of many gods-damned snake attacks that day) and we score some sweet potions of regeneration, a healing power salve and other healing potions. Worth the bite? Definitely.

Lachellis opens the first chest and gets poisoned for his effort and nada in the chest. Third one says ‘breathe and be saved’ or something and so Arith Porphyria opens it from afar and the thing bursts with dust and still no loot. Worthless. I hate this stupid labyrinth.

Then we head to another dead end, but at least see the symbol on the floor before we enter this time. Then the halls shift again and we hear someone whimpering. We find another trap room (spikes in the floor and walls – sweet) and discover Orsini in a room, all beat to hell. Only it’s not Orsini. It’s this nasty demon and she nets us and blinds us. Pretty tough against trapped blind people eh? Like fish in a barrel! No sport in that really. She didn’t take my taunts well and unloaded about a dozen crossbow arrows into me for my sneers. Wench.

Another lovely discovery – the silver dagger I picked up at Gaidran Lam’s place about a zillion years ago? It’s a spirit spy for the gods-damned Arkony!!! Damn thing has been in my pouch for months spying on us! Must have known I count my gold pretty zealousy and didn’t try to rob me blind (would have definitely detected that). Damn thing turned into a snake and bit the hell out of me for quite some time and it met its maker finally. No more tag alongs.

So we kill the wench and find some magic item on her and now we’re back to the maze. Did I mention I hate this labyrinth? What a bad idea to come down here. There better be some massive reward for saving Orsini.

There we were: the Arkony Labyrinth by Lachellis

So there we were – up to our tits in trouble above ground, and now wandering deeper and deeper into the Arcony Labyrinth. I goddamn knew it. You can’t fucking trust a Chelaxian noble like the Arkony. Not only did it turn out those rat-bastard, coin-hoarding, two-faced, thin skinned sons of bitches were behind [[:Vincarlo Orsini | Orsini’s]] kidnapping, but now we got set up to take the fall for some family pissing match between big-daddy Arcony and big-momma Arcony by the name of [[:Melyia Arkony | Melyia]].

I’m telling you, this is why they have arson. Someone needs to take a torch to this place, and the Arcony Manor while they’re at it. If this is a family “training” ground, they ain’t training Soldiers or judges or decent civil servants – they’re training cut throat assassins and spies. All the rooms and tunnels move around, everything you fucking touched is trapped, and there’s no rhyme or reason to it. You bunch up to keep together so you don’t lose one when all the sudden the tunnels change – and then when a blast-trap goes off all your knickers light on fire together. Or they give you three boxes each with some fucking horse shit puzzle riddle on it, but they’re all just versions of one-touch death. I mean I took something out of a box that said “the life is the death which is the life except for death” or some horse shit like that, I don’t know – as soon as I touched it I dropped to the floor nearly dead. Had [[:35520 | Larisha]not been nearby I’d probably have been goners, telling you this over an ale with Father Caiden.

And of course I’m about as useful as a third tit on a donkey down here – I can’t take the lead because I can’t see the traps, I can’t handle a rear guard action because we have to stay close together, I can’t even take the bulk of the pain – like my normal role in life – because all the traps are set to go off in a wide area. Goddamn traps.

And it’s not just physical traps – they got shit down here aimed to get in your mind, fuck up around inside there. One tunnel looked like a jungle – painted, but painted real well. So as we’re looking around we all see images of ourselves dying – real nice. Nice fucking touch.

So we get along through a bunch of these rooms, are we making progress? I don’t fucking know, we could be no further from the beginning than when we started for all I know. We just figured out how to get past this pin cushion trap, when we find a side fountain and there is [[:Vincarlo Orsini | Vincarlo]] – heavily injured leaning up against a fountain. Soldier to Soldier I went to help him – gave him a thorough once over, and he looked in bad shape. I even checked to make sure it was him, yup – bad thumb and all. So I figured things were looking up. But it turns out it wasn’t Vincarlo because gods know that wold be too goddamn easy, but some demon masquerading as him. I guess Larishafigured it out – she’s smart and squinty-eyed that way, but instead of warning us with a warning like, oh…I don’t know “Pharasma’s nuts! That’s a cocksucking demon who’s going to kill us all!” No instead she bats dreamy eyes at Arith – and of course he’s so busy watching his hair wave in the wind that he misses it. I shouldn’t be too hard on him, hell I thought it was Orsini.

Well this fight breaks out that is everything that’s wrong with this labrynth wrapped up into one badassed demon hellion minx. She manages to snag, blind, stun, daze, drop, damn near just about all of us. I get the bead on her first, and make sure she pays attention to me – but she goddamn moves like shit through a goose and I can barely keep up with her. She’s bouncing all over the goddamn place. And Maiadra “Maia” is fighting with her own short sword or something. Well like the good Soldier I stay on her and try to keep her from getting away – even as she’s pounding the bloody snot out of my hide tell I’m dropped. End was a little fuzzy there, being face down and choking on the last drops of my life blood and all. I’m pretty sure Larisha came through with the healing again, and Arith doing what he does and Maia finally beating her sword so she can join in. Finally we manage to take the hellspawn down – but that was WAY harder than it needs to be.

If we’re going to take on the powers that be we either gotta game up or get outta town. I’m thinking of talking to Maya – it’s time to take my nightly activities to the next gear. Knock over a tax collector or fine assessor or something – use the coin to upgrade what we’re carrying so that we can match the goods being levied at us. And of course – we still gotta find Vincarlo in this hellhole.

Into the Labyrinth
Harrow's Justice descends into Arkony politics

Fresh from the death of the Emperor, the party makes their way back to the relative safety of the Toy Shop. At the emperor’s haven, they had taken three paintings done by Escrime while he was still having his Visions. Other loot of importance had been slim to none, but the group did manage to spread the word that petty tyrants trying to replace the emperor would be dealt with in similar manner.

At the Toy Shop, the paintings come under tighter scrutiny. The best explanations they can come to seem to indicate that a creature from the hells has manage to reach out and gift a group of artists with visions which elevate each ones art beyond what they were previously capable. All of them are now dead excepting Escrime. Upon the death of King Arabasti, the visions left Escrime.

It is currently theorized that the creature which was granting these abilities to the artists has now made a deal with The Queen, which accounts for her recent supernatural abilities. The exact nature of the pact and it’s participants remains a mystery – indeed, it remains just a theory. Meanwhile, we have discovered that not only was Vincarlo Orsini last seen while investigating the Arkony’s, but Seneschal X is now believed to have been in Arkony “care” since the night of the Regicide.

In the morning, the group arrives at the Arkony household. Lachellis and Larisha wait outside while the rest enter to negotiate.

Bahor Arkony is lounging in his spa when Harrow’s Justice arrive. Asked about the Seneschal and Orsini, he is quick to foist the heroes off in the direction of his sister, Melyia Arkony, whom he claims is heading her own faction of the family. She is currently in possession of the family’s dungeons, known as the Vivified Labyrinth. Arkony gives directions to the entrance, there on the estate grounds, and washes his hands of it. The impression given is one of internal family strife, which we will either clean up, or die within – and Arkony doesn’t really care which end comes first.

Entering the Labyrinth, the party finds a descending pit, with various bridges and little light. Shortly after entering, we confront the first guards of the place, a group of creatures made animate via spores which turn them into a kind of living undead. One escapes us, which will likely vex our progress later…

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A Logical Conclusion (Draft in Progress)

So there we were – putting fists into the face of nobility and smashing the fine cartilage on their Chelaxian noses into a spraying red mist of snot and blood. Wait – maybe I should back up a bit. Get a little of the foreplay in here. Right – take a drink, settle down a bit. Build up to the good parts.

Marshall wanted us to snatch this suspect, the street artistTrina – a chick I’d known from back in the day of flopping in flop houses and sleeping through hangovers with the rest of the beggars and drunks. Mission itself wasn’t complex – track down the dame, put her in a bag, and deliver her back to the Guard. The problem was in the ethics and intrigue surrounding the mission. See – I know for a good goddamn fact that no way Trina was involved in the King’s assassination. And I can tell Crysidia knew it too, when you get to know a commander you can tell when they’re giving orders they believe in, and when they’re just relaying the party line. The Queen had announced, publicly, that this street artist was wanted for the death of the King – and of course the whole city was up in arms turning over every mansion, house, flat and crate in a back alley to find her. That’s not how you go about things – telling everyone you got a suspect before the fact.

Good thing for Harrows Justice – I knew where this chick slept. No I hadn’t bedded her, but I’d bedded nearby her, if you get my drift. Flop house tenanments like she was in – they didn’t have much of a nightly rate and it was pretty much come and go as you please if you get my drift.

to be continued


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