Harrow's Justice

Harrow’s Justice is a Company of Adventurers formed by charter in the city of Korvosa. The original members were brought together by finding a Harrow card, placed upon their person by magic. The card indicated the individuals were to come together outside the house of the Varassian Seer X, who wanted the group to find the remains of her missing son. The group soon bonded, and found they had a common foe in Gaidren Lam – they agreed to work together to see Gaidren Lam destroyed. Upon acheiving this the adventurers decided to formalize, albeit very loosely, their relationship and officially chartered Harrow’s Justice.

The current members of Harrow’s Justice are, and their original mystic cards are

River Arrington The Vision

Arith Porphyria

Maiadra “Maia”

Lachellis The Uprising

Larisha Biora The Queen Mother


Kal later left the group, seduced away by the webs of the Spider King and is believed to be working for him somewhere in the city.

Recently, a new addition, Metaya has joined the group.

Harrows Justice has sometimes been joined for a specific mission or undertaking by other adventurers including:

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Thrice – portrayed by Dan F
? – portrayed by Thomas

The Company has been acting as Agents of the Guard for some time, but recently fell out of favor of the Queen and currently are probably on a “list” somewhere.

Harrow's Justice

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