Politics of Korvosa

The Factions within the City, both in their traditional – and current roles.

Guard – Traditionally the Korvosan Guard does not report to the King or Queen of the City. The current Marshall of the Guard, [[:Marshall Croft]], is not a fan of the current Queen – but has not made any public moves against her either. Members of the Guard include [[:Marshall Croft]] and Content Not Found: Grau. Content Not Found: Lachellis was formerly a member of the Korvosan Guard – but was kicked off when he was accused of murder. Although acquitted at trial – the charge left enough of a stain to ruin his promising start in the Guard.

Underworld – Korvosan has a vibrant underworld engaged in everything from petty larceny to sophisticated criminal enterprises. The strongest criminal minds represent a noteworthy faction of influence within the City, especially in areas such as X, Y and Z. The [[:Spider King]] is one such criminal overlord – as was [[:Gaidren Lam]] who is now dead.

Nobility – Korvosa has many noble families including: X, Y & Z. The royalty of Korvosa emerges from within these families. Although often showing public fealty to the current King or Queen, the nobles are known for scheming and plotting their own intrigues. Harrow’s Justice has had interactions primarily with only two noble families: the Arconois and Orsini; although two members of the Company are in fact nobility themselves.

Politics of Korvosa

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